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What are you doing to protect snowballing since there is no farming like other MOBAs?

Team levels change this a lot. Our experience hasn't had much snowballing; if a team falls behind, they will take an objective and recover a lot. We're not sure how to answer it, we're still testing extensively.

The mechanics seem very complicated--how will players communicate for strategy? It seems like going underneath the mine and these maps can be very complex.

This is totally something we're concerned about. We have some ideas. The best way to play this game is on voice chat with friends. Keep in mind, all the maps won't unlock at once, you won't be thrown into the deep end. The maps will be pretty straight forward and you can always default to just pushing on the enemy if you're confused.

What's up with Kerrigan on a wolf?

There are mounts in the game. They serve as hyper mobility for out of combat situations. We're thinking of making different mounts for different heroes so you can have a lot of different awesome and unique mounts to ride on.

With everything being shared, how do you have individual skill and carry?

We put in mechanics like the dragon knight--the quality of the player who gets the dragon knights matters. But for this game, they really want to make it about the unit. It's not about you getting super fed and carrying alone, it's about supporting and carrying your team.

What's your core audience?

We don't worry about it. We make things that are cool, we have faith and confidence that someone will want to play it if it's good. It is easier to play than other games in the genre, but it can be harder in its own way too.

How will you balance it? In most MOBAs there's hard counters and things like that. This is an objective based MOBA, would you be against though making it more traditional of MOBAs?

We haven't seen much like that, with mounts and fast mobility you aren't alone. You're always leveling with your team, so if someone is being shut down, people WILL help out. But mobility is making this not a concern.

We did the regular traditional map. We played it for years. But once we made these new battlegrounds, the old traditional map got completely abandoned. No one cared about it. So we're innovating, not rehashing. This is what we need and want.

Much like how Starcraft 2 has an arcade, players may be able to make their own map someday in the future. Probably not at release.


Skins, custom ultimates--for sure. Lots of abilities to make the talent system crazy and wild. Looking for other ways. When you're dealing with Arthas, he could have twenty powers. How do we get it into a five button combo? We want you to be able to select them, but probably not for the first iteration.

Where does Heroes fit in for eSports and competitive, ranked play?

Yes, we think there's competitive play. Look at Hearthstone. Let's see what the community does, give them the ammo to do whatever they want, and if it becomes competitive, let's make it happen and make it supported.


Boots are basically gone. Some talent trees have it. But having no shop means that it's very different.