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The game is about getting the heroes into the game and creating an evironment that facilitates this.

Battlegrounds should innovate the world of MOBAs.

A lot of talk about how art was created for Warcraft III and how the fans took it over, creating the original DotA.

The prototype for Heroes of the Storm was shown at BlizzCon back in 2008, but it was very barebones and completely put into the StarCraft II game. It was literally a mod. It was hard for them to decide what universe to set it in.

To them, Hearthstone really captured what it should be about--and it's what they're aspiring to do.

This isn't just another MOBA. This is a challenge to the genre.

It was a challenge to make these heroes--take for example the years of concept material for Arthas. Prince Arthas can be a skin for Arthas, they can just come up with unlimited options.

Syndragosa, Army of the Dead--you can summon and change it up.

Elite Tauren Chieftan has a heroic ability (ultimate) where he jumps anywhere and lands, inflicting. He can go everywhere on the battlefield. He's high damage, high mobility, and can even heal himself.

Abathur can't fight, he's a support hero. But he can infest a friendly hero and make them stronger by helping them out; he can also tunnel across the map to rapidly find heroes to jump into. He jumps into Nova and gives her a shield.

The skins selection will be really wide and varied. Medic Uther, Uther with Judgement Armor, etc.

The goal is 20 minute games.

Team levels: you're not leveling on your own, support heroes won't have to worry about leveling since their team levels them.

The map modes want to make the game interact with players differently. This is going to have a lot of StarCraft II's campaign styles put into it--because they couldn't do it into multiplayer from SC2, they can do it here.

They will be retiring map modes as they get boring.

There is no shop. There are no boots.

You get ultimates at level 10.