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Haunted Mines 5 versus 5 teams
2 Lanes
4 Forts
4 Siege giant camps
2 Knight Camps
1 Grave Golem
Watchtower in middle

We find our heroes plunged in a haunted mining town whose undead residence must be harvested in order to summon a great grave golem whose sole purpose is the destruction of the enemy towns.

This is a 2 lane map which expands after 3 minutes have elapsed resulting in the opening of the haunted mines. The entrance to these mines are found in the center of each lane top and bottom.

Once opened the mines are filled with skeletal constructs which you can kill to harvest one skull each. In the center of the mine is a grave golem which will drop 20 skulls once destroyed. Once all 100 skulls in the mine have been collected a grave golem will begin to summon for each team taking 30 seconds.

The more skulls your team captures the stronger your golem will be. these golems will only target enemy buildings but will also perform an AoE which will stun and deal damage to enemies caught in the attack.

Once both golems are destroyed the mines will open up for use in 2 minutes and the battle will begin again. There is 1 watch tower in this map found below the center of the top lane. There are a total of 5 mercenary camps on this map. 1 Knight camp is located above the center of the bottom lane, and 4 siege giant camps are located near the top and bottom lanes on the left and right sides.