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Dragon Shire 5 versus 5 teams
2 Lanes
2 Siege giant camps
2 Knight Camps

Amongst the lush green gardens of the kingdom you will find yourself contesting over the land of Dragon Shire. At the center of this map we see the dragon shrine, capturing both the shrine of the sun and the shrine of the moon will unlock this shrine allowing your team to unleash the power of the dragon knight on your opponents.

This is a 3 lane map with the shrine of the sun and the moon are located at the top and the bottom of the map in their respective lanes. The dragon shrine is located in the center of the middle lane. After 1 minute and 15 seconds from the start of the match the 2 two shrines will activate and the battle for the dragon knight will begin.

Once captured a hero can channel on the shrine for 5 seconds, with any damage breaking the channel, and become the dragon knight. The dragon knight will last for 1 minute or until his health is reduced to 0, once gone the hero who was previously controlling the dragon knight will reappear where the dragon knight fell so be careful! About 2 minutes after the dragon knight falls the two shrines will come back online and will be ready for capture.

The dragon knight has the ability to breath a cone of fire dealing initial damage and laying down a burning patch of ground that will continue to deal damage for a few seconds to anything in the initial cone's area of affect (Q ability). He can also perform a charge which will boot an enemy hero a great distance away in the direction of the charge if hit.

There are no Watchtowers on this map but there are 5 mercenary camps. 2 Knight camps are located above the middle lane one on the left and one on the right. There are 3 siege giant camps located below the middle lane on the left right as well as at the bottom center of the map.